Acting on impulse

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Impulse Worldwide specialises in transport of documents and other items for advertising agencies, law firms and multi-national. Since it was founded, Impulse had worked with a paper based system. “The old system was a nightmare,” said Pilar Martinez-Vidal, managing director at Impulse. “We had to have a number of people work nights just doing data entry to get everything input in time to get it shipped out and delivered. The system in its previous state was slow, inefficient, and unable to provide the levels of service we were seeking to give our customers.”

To remedy these problems, Impulse decided to purchase Intermec CN3 handhelds for each of its drivers.

Impulse is now able to track shipments from the moment they are picked up. Data collection and updating of tracking details is done automatically and instantaneously. Customers can now also see a digital version of the receiver’s signature online.

The new CN3 based system has resulted in measurable savings for Impulse Worldwide. Operating costs have been reduced by over nine per cent, thanks to savings on fuel from the CN3’s GPS and route planning capability, as well as reduced costs for staffing, stationery, and fines as the system alerts drivers that they have entered the London congestion charge zone. The solution has also reduced mis-delivered packages to virtually nil and produced overall efficiency gains of 12 per cent across the enterprise.

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