85pc value environment more than delivery speed

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85 per cent of consumers would wait longer for parcels if they knew that a shorter delivery time meant more air pollution, according to a B2C Europe survey.

The research also found that, when it was explained that a shorter delivery period resulted in worse traffic and air pollution, only 10 per cent of online shoppers said they would choose express delivery (1-2 days). 85 per cent would choose green delivery (6-8 days) or standard delivery (3-5 days), and five per cent would choose to pay extra for green express delivery.

58 per cent of respondents were not aware that express delivery has a more negative impact on the environment than standard delivery. 60 per cent said they were prepared to pay extra for sustainable delivery methods

75 per cent said they would opt for a longer delivery period if this would significantly reduce the damage to the environment. 59 per cent are concerned about the levels of air pollution caused by ecommerce delivery

“While it’s really heartening to see that consumers in all three territories would forgo fast delivery if it meant less damage to the environment, these findings are not the end of the conversation,” said Rijk van Meekeren, CCO and founder of B2C Europe. “What our surveys are telling us is that, as an industry, we must not only be better at informing consumers about the environmental impact of their delivery decisions, but we must also evaluate trends towards faster and cheaper delivery as consumers look for eco-friendly alternatives.


“Ecommerce is a fast-growing market, but its future depends on the industry’s ability to innovate and improve, particularly in sustainable delivery options”.

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