RAF contract for Thales

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The RAF can now provide real-time access and management of flight bookings across its fleet following the introduction of an IT application developed by Thales UK.

The new ‘Swift2Move’ application meets the UK MoD’s Air Movements Operation requirement to give movements staff the ability to manage passenger and freight bookings, flight check-in and aircraft loadsheet calculations in both the UK and at any operational location around the world.

“Thanks to the Thales solution for our Air Movements Operations requirement we have an application that combines an easy to use system from the commercial world with the robustness and security needed for operating in a military environment,” says air vice-marshal Matthew Wiles, director general joint supply chain in the Defence Equipment & Support Organisation (DE&S).

“The Thales solution provides a step change in capability for defence by enabling a real-time, common picture air logistics solution from the foxhole to HQ,” he adds.

The AMO contract is worth more than £27 million over ten years, including application support and training package provision, and will be in service by mid-2009.

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