Quiet award for Brigade

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Brigade Electronics has received one of the first NAS-Piek certificates for its reversing alarms which assist quiet night time deliveries.

Brigade’s broad band (white sound) reversing alarm (bbs-tek) limits its sound to the immediate danger area, thus preventing noise disturbance to local residents. The bbs-tek emits a “ssh ssh” sound which is is reckoned to be less irritating than the bleeping of conventional alarms.

Piek was appointed by the Dutch government to develop quiet vehicles to comply with ‘the retail trade environment protection decree.’ A series of trials were conducted in the Netherlands using innovative noise reducing measures. The Noise Abatement Society in the UK also trialled new methods to curb noise nuisance. Working together with J Sainsbury, and Wandsworth Council through the ‘silent approach’ scheme, the Noise Abatement Society aimed to set a noise ceiling of under 60dB. The results of the trial have set a standard of best practise with other commercial sectors and local authorities.

The Noise Abatement Society and Piek formed a partnership in 2007 and formed the NAS-Piek certification scheme to recognise companies who produce technology to assist night time deliveries at greatly reduced noise levels.

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