iForce improves ReSCU system

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iForce has updated its in-house returns processing system, Reserve Stock Control Utility (ReSCU), which enables retailers to access all information online, rather than having to integrate tills with returns processing software.

The system allows counter staff to pass on information about the return to the iForce Returns Centre and shows returned stock in the supply chain.

ReSCU aims to monitor and manage the item’s progress, alerting the retailer if the return hasn’t arrived at the processing centre and allowing it pre-plan work schedules and agree disposition routes.

The new development is designed to allow operations of any size to manage returns more efficiently, saving time and money.

Mark Hewitt, chief executive of iForce, said: “Not only do retailers gain more control over their supply chain, they will find a threefold costs benefit: the retailer gains value from the asset, the retailer does not have to spend time and resources on developing their tills and, finally, by virtue of managing the returns process proactively – the retailer can improve the percentage of these first two factors by ensuring the asset is not sitting on the warehouse floor losing value.”

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