Tyre monitoring promises fuel savings

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Safe Europe has launched Monityre, a wireless tyre pressure monitoring system which the company says could help a 100-strong fleet cut its fuel bill by around £100,000 a year.

Charles Rabbidge, commercial director at Safe Europe, said: “Over or under inflation of tyres not only has an adverse effect on fuel consumption but can also shorten the life of the tyre by up to 32 per cent. At the same time, incorrect pressures can easily lead to disastrous on-road blow outs.”

The system uses pressure and temperature sensors on each tyre, an in-cab DIN display unit and for tractor/trailer combinations a trailer-mounted Smart Booster and programming Hand Tool enabling it to cope with dropping and swapping trailer.

The Smart Booster carries the identity and wheel position of each sensor on the trailer. When a trailer is dropped it is de-powered, which registers on the in-cab display. When a tractor reconnects to a sensor-fitted trailer the Smart Booster is then powered up and will be recognised by the in-cab display within two minutes, showing the new trailer and its tyre positions and pressure.

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