Friday 26th Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Air cargo needs to be quicker and slicker

The air cargo industry needs to be quicker and slicker to prove its worth as a premium service, Chris Welsh, secretary general of the Global Shippers’ Forum has told delegates at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium in Berlin.

britishairways_216862116353816“Shippers are calling for door-to-door shipment time to be cut by a half. That means acceleration and implementation of e-commerce and enhanced communications in providing real-time track and trace systems,” said Welsh.

“The announcement by Amazon that it plans to save over US$1bn annually in its air freight bill by starting its ‘own account’ air freight operations is a wake-up call for the air cargo market that it needs to speed up and demonstrate that air cargo is a premium service by adding real value to customers. It is a clear indication that the air cargo industry must be more innovative and customer-focused.”

Globally, air cargo represents more than 35 per cent of international trade by value, equivalent to approximately US $6 trillion worth of cargo shipped each year.

 Despite this, according to the IATA, the air cargo industry has lost its dominance and experienced lower yields in recent years.