Autonomous truck sales to top $26bn by 2027

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The market for autonomous trucks will be worth $26 billion within ten years, a report by Visiongain predicts.

The study, Autonomous Trucks Market Analysis Report 2017-2017, argues that autonomous vehicles can excel in repetitive applications including mining, construction, logistics, military, and deliveries.

“The advantages of autonomous trucks go beyond simply not requiring a driver as there are many other advantages. Human drivers become tired and cannot work 24/7. Driver error contributes to approximately 90 per cent of traffic accidents, so if the technology can be perfected, autonomous trucks will in theory reduce crashes by up to 90 per cent.

“Another major feature of autonomous truck is lower fuel consumption. Autonomous trucks also provide significant other advantages including congestion reductions, and pollution reduction benefits among others. Thus, is encouraging truck owners to upgrade their vehicles to the latest autonomous trucks,’ says Visiongain.

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