BIFA backs criticism of airport ‘dithering’

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BIFA has supported criticism by the Transport Committee about the UK government’s ‘dithering’ around the decision on the expansion of UK airport capacity.

“The 1,500 companies within BIFA share the Transport Committee’s belief that the delay risks damaging UK economic growth by deterring investors uncertain about the future of Britain’s communications,” said BIFA’s director general, Robert Keen. “BIFA agrees with the Transport Committee that the UK must stop ‘dithering’, make a decision and set out a timetable for completing the project.

“We have already stated that last December’s announcement to delay a decision on the matter, was about political expediency, not environmental matters.”

It said that it accepted the package of measures to moderate environmental impacts ‘needs careful consideration and further work’, but added that it does not accept that all of this needs to be done before a decision is made on location.

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