Coca-Cola launches sustainability plan for Western Europe

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Coca-Cola Western Europe and Coca-Cola European Partners are launching a joint sustainability action plan for Western Europe. The plan, entitled “This is Forward”, outlines new commitments on drinks, packaging and society.

Coca-Cola has committed to 50 per cent of sales in Western Europe from low/no calorie drinks by 2025, 100 per cent collection of packaging and at least 50 per cent recycled plastic for PET bottles by 2025, and at least 40 per cent of management positions held by women by 2025.

“Sustainability has always been at the heart of our business, and we have made some tremendous progress. But we agree we can do more,” said Tim Brett, president of The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe. “Over 300 million people enjoy our drinks in Western Europe today and, working together with Coca-Cola European Partners, we have the power to act and create a positive difference, set new standards and lead the way; whether it is offering consumers a greater choice of drinks with reduced or no sugar, or keeping our packaging out of the oceans.

“This is Forward defines our attitude to doing better. We are not going to settle for the way things were done. There is no going back now.”

Damian Gammell, CEO of Coca-Cola European Partners plc, said: “We have listened carefully to our stakeholders, customers, employees and consumers and our joint Sustainability Action Plan is our commitment to delivering the change they want to see. It establishes how we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the outside world and how we create an environment people want to work in and where they believe in what we are doing. Working together with The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe, these actions will ensure we have a positive impact wherever we sell our drinks.”

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