Comfy Quilts picks Snapfulfil

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Comfy Quilts, the pillow and duvet manufacturer, has chosen the Snapfulfil SaaS WMS for its retail and wholesale warehousing operations, including a new 110,000 sq ft site at Stakehill Industrial Estate in Manchester.

Snapfulfil will be used to manage 200,000 sq ft of warehousing space across two sites – as well as the new facility it has a 90,000 sq ft warehouse attached to its factory.

Snapfulfil is fully integrated with the company’s Sage system to provide visibility to raw materials, production and sales orders and finished goods inventories. Across the two sites, Comfy Quilts will have 55 Snapfulfil users.

Logistics manager Mark Farrell said: “Our Sage system could just about cope when we only had the one warehouse but we knew that it wouldn’t work across two sites. Snapfulfil offered the functionality we needed and the flexibility for us to license the software and buy the hardware.

“As well as Tier 1 functionality, we also needed a resilient platform to guarantee the performance and availability of the system – Snapfulfil’s SaaS model means that our WMS is hosted in a Tier 1 data centre which few businesses could justify using themselves. The centralised location of the application means that things like routine back-ups, upgrades, admin and maintenance are all taken care of by Snapfulfil, allowing us to focus on our core business.”

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