Consumers want faster deliveries

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Consumers are demanding more flexibility and faster delivery times from online retailers and delivery couriers, research by Whistl reveals.

It found that seven per cent want same day delivery and nothing else, while 12 per cent demand next day delivery. Nevertheless a third of consumers are willing to accept a two to three day service and over a quarter are prepared to wait a week.

Londoners demand instant deliveries with ten per cent looking for same day delivery, opposed to Belfast and Dublin not caring about same day delivery at all.

Overall Birmingham, closely followed by London and Liverpool, are the most impatient, with the lowest average expected delivery of 3.3 days. The most relaxed city is Nottingham, where consumers are willing to wait an average of 4.7 days for a delivery.

Those under 24 are the most impatient, with only 16 per cent saying they were happy to wait a week for delivery, compared to 38 per cent of over 65s. Women are happier, 91 hours on average, to wait longer for their deliveries compared to 89 hours for men.

Marketing director Melanie Darvall said: “With the rise of online shopping we are seeing a greater demand for same and next day delivery to fit in with the lifestyle needs of consumers. This is driving a fundamental change in the speed and flexibility of services from delivery providers and they will have to continue to evolve to satisfy retailers who must respond to their customer’s needs.”

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