Delivery options are a major factor for consumers

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95 per cent of consumers would potentially consider shopping elsewhere if a website couldn’t meet their needs, new Shutl research has found.

41 per cent of shoppers surveyed said that they would ‘definitely’ shop elsewhere if the last mile delivery ‘wasn’t right for them’. The pressure is deepened by shoppers now having higher expectations from the delivery experience than in 2015 (42 per cent).

“An on-demand lifestyle is taking hold in the retail space as customers seek instant gratification in more aspects of their everyday life,” said Jason Travaria, head of Shutl.  “Technology is facilitating a shift in control, making it easier for customers to shop around online and setting higher expectations in the process.  For retailers, this means that the one part of the supply chain process that the retailer usually has least control over – delivery – is becoming the deciding factor at securing sales.”

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