DHL launches risk management tool

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DHL has launched a new tool that provides more insights from its existing Resilience360 risk management platform. The tool streamlines and consolidates data from existing modules.

DHL expands Airfreight Plus network to Russia and CIS region“As global businesses are growing rapidly while supply chains are becoming more complex, it is crucial for our customers to detect future obstacles along the supply chain and take early actions to mitigate business risks,” says Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

The new tool enables companies to gain further understanding of risks impacting their supply chain, including:

  • Benchmarking dashboards to compare own risk profiles with those of industry peers and to receive early-warnings on incidents.
  • Sector-specific analysis based on unique risk profiles of various geographically mapped supplier production locations.
  • Risk bottlenecks in supply chains by analyzing registered incidents that have had impact on nodes and receiving user feedback on relevant events.
  • Supply chain pain points by combining historic as well as forward-looking risk information with supplier data (trade volumes, business impact scores, value at risk, single sourcing etc.).

“Utilising the new analytical tool and methods now gives us the basis to develop regression and predictive models, further enhancing our solutions in the area of risk mitigation. Together with the Deutsche Post DHL Data Science teams, we are currently looking into alternative re-routing suggestions as well as shipment delay predictions, to forecast the likelihood and the potential duration of shipment disruptions for risk events along transportation hubs using millions of historic DHL shipment data sets,” said Rick Tillenburg, senior customer operations analyst at Resilience360.

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