Diesel emits higher NOx in real world conditions

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Diesel emits “far more” nitrogen oxide emissions in real world conditions than in laboratory certification testings, according to a new report in the journal “Nature”.

According to the report, heavy-duty vehicles are the biggest contributor to excess diesel NOx emissions. The report also said: “Adopting and enforcing next-generation standards (more stringent than Euro 6/VI) could nearly eliminate real-world diesel-related NOx emissions in these markets, avoiding approximately 174,000 global PM- and ozone-related premature deaths in 2040. Most of these benefits can be achieved by implementing Euro VI standards where they have not yet been adopted for heavy-duty vehicles.”

But Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the diesel technology forum, has said that the use of new diesel technology and improved vehicle testing standards could play a “major role” in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.

Responding to the report, Schaeffer said: “Industry would certainly welcome the investment in new technology clean diesel engines on a global basis.

“Essential to that would be the availability of ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel. It’s important to understand that diesel has been a technology of continuous improvement, meaning that today’s generation of new diesel technology is lower in emissions and more efficient than one built ten or even five years ago.”

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