Freightos service to include CO2 estimations

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Freightos is to launch a CO2 footprint estimation for all of its shipping services. It will also launch a suite of free CO2 calculation tools “enabling customers or third-parties to optimise route and mode selection with live international CO2 footprint calculations.”

It says this will enable companies to introduce transparency in the global shipping sector. It used a freight consignment of 200kg from Shanghai to London as an example. The company said that the consignment would produce 1.1 tonnes of CO2 by air cargo, and just 20kg of CO2 by ocean.

“Our mission at Freightos is to make freight shipping transparent in every aspect, and that, of course, includes visibility into its environmental impact,” said Dr Zvi Schreiber, chief executive and founder of Freightos.

“Large shippers and logistics companies are introducing sustainability targets, but transport is often the most opaque part of global supply chains. We’re proud to support sustainability targets and bolster environmental awareness and accountability in industry by providing the necessary tools for our customers to manage their carbon footprint. After all, what good is transparency if you can’t see through the smog?”

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