French more likely to give couriers access to their property

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Only 36 per cent of UK consumers would give couriers temporary access to their property via a one-time access code, compared to 58 per cent in France, according to research commissioned by B2C Europe.

And almost two thirds of French respondents would allow couriers temporary access to their cars, in comparison with around one third of UK and Dutch consumers.

The survey of 1,000 respondents across the UK, the Netherlands and France, was commissioned by B2C Europe to determine how open consumers are to new delivery methods. Respondents were asked how they felt about new technologies such as temporary digital keys to cars and properties, as well as unmanned safes.

The majority of respondents would give couriers access to an unmanned safe, with 53 per cent in the Netherlands, 64 per cent in the UK and 88 per cent in France.

Rijk van Meekeren, founder of B2C Europe, said: “We must continue to research and invest in new technologies if we are to overcome the obstacles that the e-commerce industry is facing, such as environmental damage and congestion in cities.”

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