FTA sets out London freight manifesto

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The FTA has set out its priorities for freight in London with a manifesto aimed at candidates in the Mayoral election.

Launching the manifesto it brought along a box of trucks demonstrating how many freight vehicles it would take to build and furnish an average sized three-bedroom house.

The manifesto outlines ‘how all London’s needs require freight movements and looks closely at the example of housing’ – suggesting that to build one house at least 34 commercial vehicles would be needed. It also urged candidates to ‘avoid simplistic blanket approaches’, giving HGV bans as an example.

Chief executive David Wells said: “Freight is vital to the future of London. Cities are built by freight and they live on freight. The social importance of the logistics industry is all too often overlooked.

“FTA’s Manifesto emphasises that freight is always only used when there is a purpose. Construction is a great example of this – London apparently needs 59,000 new homes built every year. It is clear that you cannot get this done without the use of lorries to supply the building and fitting of them.”

A copy of the FTA London Elections 2016 – Freight Manifesto can be downloaded at: www.fta.co.uk/_galleries/downloads/london-election-manifesto-2016.pdf

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