GB Railfreight to re-open March sidings

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GB Railfreight is reopening some disused sidings at March on the route between Felixstowe and Nuneaton.

John Smith, managing director of GBRf, said: “We’re really very pleased to have secured this location. It will help reduce emissions and save costs in terms of running several hundred empty miles each week to get our wagons serviced. It will also reduce congestion elsewhere along our routes and assist with timetabling flexibility, improving performance overall. It’s a real bonus for us.”

It has secured the lease on the three acre site in partnership with Network Rail.

The line through March is part of the nationally designated freight route between Felixstowe and Nuneaton, and plays a key role in the haulage of goods and materials around the country.

The site will initially be use for the stabling and maintenance of rolling stock used on the traffic between Middleton Towers and Yorkshire, as well as that used to carry aggregates between the Peak District and East Anglia. As rail traffic to and from Felixstowe continues to grow, the yards will be used for container wagons as well.

As part of the lease, GBRf will refurbish the railway track, putting it into good working condition. Consideration is also being given to the possible installation of a fuel point. The scheme will incorporate new fencing and acoustic barriers to mitigate the impact of the yard’s re-opening on nearby residents.

Guy Bates, head of freight development at Network Rail said: “The re-opening of March by GBRf to support their growing freight traffic operation is a very satisfying development. Recognising its location on a rail freight corridor of national significance, we took the decision to include this site in our 2014 freight estate acquisition portfolio in the clear anticipation that it would have future utility.”

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