Isis becomes Portcare International

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Isis Communications is rebranding to ‘Portcare International’ to ‘avoid unintentionally extending visibility of a terrorist organisation.’

The media communications consultancy, specialising in maritime, freight transport and logistics, has said that it is unfortunate that the Isis brand has been used to ‘describe a particularly destructive terrorist group’ – which has ‘tainted’ the company’s image.

“Over the past months we have resisted changing our name, feeling that we would be giving in to forces seeking to destabilise our society,” said director of Portcare International, Peter Owen. “However, more recently we have felt an increasing moral obligation to cease being an unwitting promulgator of a ‘brand’ with such evil connotations.

“We thank our clients for their support and sympathy in taking this necessary step and reassure our friends in the media that we strongly maintain a ‘business as usual’ attitude”.

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