Jigsaw adjusts operational model in face of supply chain volatility

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EV Cargo division Jigsaw has said that “robust systems” underpinned by “flexibility and connectivity” have allowed it to respond to volatility in the supply chain associated with COVID-19.

Jigsaw said it had adjusted its operational model for certain customers to minimise delays and ensure product is reaching retailers on time.

Andy Humpherson, MD, Jigsaw

It said it had bypassed distribution centres, many of which it said were bottle-necked because of limited resources, and was delivering food and drink supplies directly to supermarkets.

Jigsaw said it had worked closely with customers to change supply chain strategies in-line with unstable consumer demand and would look to offer continued flexibility as market conditions change.

MD Andy Humpherson said: “Jigsaw has been working extremely closely with its customers, helping to deliver new solutions and adapting our strategy according to consumer buying patterns and demand.

“Our innovative thinking, and the agility as part of EV Cargo, has ensured goods have continued to reach retailers. In some instances, that’s required us to bypass distribution centres, many of which are bottle-necked, and deliver direct to stores.

“We’re lucky to have robust systems underpinned by the flexibility and connectivity to quickly adapt and introduce new solutions. Food and beverage volumes have been extremely high in March but obviously that’s going to drop off during April and we will be ready to respond again.”

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