Lear picks Gebhardt-ECS Storebiter shuttle system

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Lear Corporation has chosen Gebhardt-ECS to implement a dynamic multi-level storage and picking system at its car seat factory at Coventry.

The large range of designs and optional items means that the conventional mezzanine-equipped storage and picking system at the factory had become inefficient and expensive to operate.

The solution developed by Gebhardt-ECS includes the use of 14 Storebiter MLS multi-level shuttles to handle 18,000 storage trays. Each MLS shuttle can access four levels of trays, which significantly increases the quantity of trays that can be stored compared to conventional single-level shuttles.

The project, which also includes mezzanines, tote conveyors and a Gebhardt Storeware warehouse control system, is currently being installed and is due to come into operation at the end of this year.

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