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Ferrymasters cleans up with multimodal deal

Colgate-Palmolive has contracted P&O Ferrymasters to distribute up to 700 loads a year from Anzio in Italy to the UK. The deal covers products ranging from toothpastes and toothbrushes to bar soap, household cleaners, shower and bath products.

Supply chain cure for clinical trials

As the pharmaceutical industry is faced with a range of challenges from dwindling research and development (R&D) pipelines to increased competition from generic pharmaceutical substitutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers are refocusing their resources and lo

Learn to trust

In this season of goodwill towards men, suppliers, our thoughts turn to the role of trust in supply chain relationships

MoD archiving goes for miles and miles…

TNT Express Services has won its longest ever contract – a multimillion pound agreement with the Government spanning a quarter-of-a-century – to archive, store and manage 12 million files which, if placed end-to-end, would occupy more than 200km of shelf.

The dance of agility

With Sony looking to reduce parts by a staggering 90 per cent, the push for parts rationalisation in the high tech sector is in full swing. Product obsolescence is the driving factor and Product Life Cycle Management is a facilitator but, agility is what

A step in the right direction

Waiting for official action on water freight transport is like waiting on the proverbial London double decker bus. None appear for ages, then all at once along comes a convoy.

Heed warning or face prosecution

Forklift truck (FLT) drivers will find it easier to sue their bosses for damages, thanks to new regulations being introduced because of the forthcoming EU Directive on Physical Agents (Vibration). The Directive, which comes into effect from 2006, means wa

Frigo Campaign for temperature-control work

Teleroute, the freight and vehicle exchange covering the UK and mainland Europe, has launched a new campaign to address the special needs for temperature-controlled freight forwarders and carriers throughout Europe.

Strategix in supply chain overhaul

Arrow Distributors, which supplies electrical and gas appliances to the UK building industry, is overhauling its entire supply chain system to cater for its growing inventory, tracking, packing, and warehousing requirements.