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Beating the odds

With so many variables – cost, lead-time, response to consumer trends – it can seem as though the odds are stacked heavily against the retailer. How can buyers make the best sourcing decisions to beat the odds?

It’s not as easy as you think

Outsourcing the shipping function is attractive, but what about the legal position for import/export declarations?

Solving the stockouts

Retail supply chain systems are becoming more integrated, more extensive and more complex – but are they helping to keep the shelves filled?

Containers terminal backed

The Haven Gateway Partnership (HGP) is backing a major petition launched in support of proposals to build a new container terminal at Bathside Bay in Harwich.

Blurred vision

The electronics and high tech sector has fully embraced online selling – the distinction between manufacturing and retailing is now blurred. But is this the only way forward?

DHL snaps up Nikon and Sony

All of Nikon Europe’s incoming and outgoing goods, warehousing and value-added services are being handled by DHL Solutions as part of a deal covering Europe and Africa.

Smoothing the global sourcing flow

Sourcing goods from China and the Far East may offer the potential for huge savings, however, there are risks to consider.

Rail freight grants cut a “body blow”

The Potter Group (TPG) has criticised Department for Transport (DfT) plans to merge rail freight grants with water and road grants, saying the move will see support for rail freight drastically cut by 2007/8. The company adds that the decision thre

Serving aces in IT support

With an increasing number of businesses relying on collaborative technologies for efficient trading with international partners, IT service management (ITSM) is coming to the fore. Jane Seeley explains what IT service management is and why it should be on

3PL to manage retailer’s new DC

High street giant Woolworths has contracted supply chain specialist Gist to manage a new strategically important distribution centre (DC) on its behalf as part of a £50M deal.