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Lorries banned from overtaking on stretch of M42

Lorries are being banned from overtaking on a three mile stretch of the M42, in an effort to reduce congestion. The ban came into force on October 10 2005 and is being trialled for 18 months, between 7am and 7pm daily.

Industry facing possible skills shortage

Young managers are the fuel that keeps UK PLC running, says The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT UK). It warns that the industry could be facing a worse crisis than the rising petrol prices if it does not engage young people

Reliability means fleet additions

As part of its ongoing commitment to safe operations, TDG has invested a further £25,000 in its vehicle maintenance programme – it has introduced tracking units across its fleet of ADR networked trailers.

Shopping around

As consumers tighten their purse strings, retailers are facing a cold Christmas. Can global sourcing deliver the right goods at the price needed to entice the shoppers back?

Lease or purchase?

The vast majority of MHE equipment is no longer bought outright. We look at the reasons behind this.

Nicky Hartery

‘Inventory is bad,’ says Dell’s vp, EMEA manufacturing and business operations, EMEA, one of the people who oversee the firm’s legendary direct to consumer model

Retailer’s depot staff vote for strike action

As Logistics Manager was going to press, Morrisons said it was in talks with both the TGWU and the GMB over the outcome of their recent ballots, which were “held in pursuit of their desire for joint national bargaining” with the supermarket chain.

European commentary

At the end of August, we once again saw the power of natural events to disrupt the stability of the modern society we all take for granted. This time, even as we extended our sympathy to those involved in Hurricane Katrina, there was a chilling recognitio

FHG joins UK pallet pooling

Pallet pooling services could be the way forward in reducing costs for the future of pallet-based distribution, according to the Faber Halbertsma Group.