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Green light for Spatial

An import, storage and distribution contract has been awarded to Spatial Logistics by Green Cone, which manufactures a solar-powered household food waste digester unit.

One way system

IT is transforming in-vehicle technology with a growing mish-mash of gadgets competing for drivers’ attention. Creating a simplified solution is becoming a priority.

The supply chain as a strategic tool

Greg Black investigates how value can be created for customers by taking an holistic approach to the supply chain. He highlights the benefits that can be derived from perceiving the supply chain as a strategic tool rather than each element as disparate op

I’ll drink to that

The efficient management of mobile assets such as beer kegs is now possible – and it’s not just the technology that’s innovative.

The ‘snap-on’ supply chain

How do you create an on-demand supply chain, where an infinitely expandable network of suppliers and buyers can collaborate with each other, and where no integration is needed? Snap-on and find out.

Danger ahead

Globalisation and the end of block exemption are set to shake sleepy car makers and dealers – and the automotive supply chain. So how will OEMs take up the slack in the outbound chain, cut costs and give the customer what they want, faster?

The clothes line

Led by the new vertical retailers, there is now more demand for services such as price ticketing, reduced packaging, security tagging and packing by store. But are retailers pegging their hopes too firmly on electronics?

A private function

Faced with an array of legacy systems across more than 200 companies worldwide – and driven by a need to forge more efficient links with trading partners – consumer products giant, Unilever, has embarked on a technological journey into the world of privat

Mixed signals

Perhaps the biggest revolution in transport management in recent years has been the emergence of vehicle telematics systems – from vehicle tracking and route finding to load monitoring and traffic information. But, their ability to meet the needs of pan-

Going the extra mile

The criteria by which purchasing managers select warehouse truck fleets are undergoing a radical change. Product is far from the main issue, service and maintenance is what counts, but survey evidence suggests manufacturers need to go that extra mile on s