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Joining up logistics thinking

Freight Best Practice and Skills for Logistics have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which agrees to a strategic plan for future joint working.

Britain’s got (supply chain) talent: Mick Jackson

One of the things that used to particularly annoy me about the Parkinson chat show was the fact that “world celebrities” appeared on the show, pretended to be his and my best friend and always then plugged their forthcoming autobiography / memoirs / new p

SfL establishes intelligence group

Skills for Logistics has established the SfL Research & Policy Group, which aims to help improve the logistics sector and skills development within it by better understanding the political, economic and social environment the sector operates in.

SfL publishes the journey so far

Skills for Logistics has issued a publication describing “the journey so far” which looks at the Sector Skills Council’s progress in its mission to encourage and support employers in the freight logistics industry to develop the skills of its workforce in

Licensed to skill: Mick Jackson

In 2007/08, publication by the UK government of World Class Skills heralded a new era for skills development as we pursue a place in the upper quartile of developed nations in skills terms by 2020. Frommemory, the 2007 start point was a position of someth

UKWA and SfL sign deal on skills

The United Kingdom Warehousing and Skills for Logistics have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on the development of a series of nationally recognised qualifications for the logistics industry.

Apprenticeships for the future: Mick Jackson

I was recently fortunate enough to be invited to Downing Street for a reception on apprenticeships. It was an event attended by the prime minister and a number of other ministers (what is the collective noun for government ministers?).

Defusing the time-bomb: Mick Jackson

Only 11 per cent of the logistics workforce is under the age of 25. Conversely some 42 per cent are over the age of 45 with a large proportion of them over 55. This is a demographic time-bomb prImed to explode. That’s one million people destined to leave

Do footprints lead the way to a more certain future? Mick Jackson

It is difficult to engage employers in a skills development discussion when their sole focus is either on the survival of their company or on survival of their job, or both. However, as I keep on saying, now is precisely the time to give skills developmen

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