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At the time of writing, we have just emerged from a week where two well-known high street names, Woolworths and MFI have called in the administrators. Again, by the time you read this, there’s a fair chance that the former will be part of one of our leadi

First the bad news. Our bid to have a national skills academy for logistics recognised by the government fell at the last hurdle as we came a “very close fifth” with the first four only awarded the status. It’s little consolation, but we fight on.

DHL Express is the latest and the largest logistics company to sign the Skills Pledge, an initiative under which employers promise to train their staff to at least a NVQ Level 2 (the equivalent of five GCSEs).

At the time of writing we seem to be teetering on the edge of a combination of global financial meltdown and a situation where, across the world, banks are effectively nationalised. It’s enough to make Marx and Engels dance a jig.

The government is keen to introduce National Skills Academies across the English skills landscape. The initiative was introduced in 2006 and around 12 have been approved to date in three tranches covering sectors as widespread as construction, financial s

In fairly equal measures, Skills for Logistics has been criticised over the years by some of the sector opinion formers for having too much of a focus on operatives at the expense of management and by others for focusing too much on managers at the expens

I am privileged to have worked in the logistics sector for many years. While I don’t quite go back to the days when Pontius was a pilot, I have been fortunate enough to work with and for some real characters whose working lives dated back to the post-war