New way to keep drivers app-y

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The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched a new App giving drivers complete visibility of their drivers’ hours data, making sure they have up-to-date information to help them stay compliant.

Described as ‘the ultimate App for drivers’ – Driverfta enables them to keep track of their most recent driving updates including date and time of their last card upload and the last activity included in that upload. They can view key working times, weekly rest figures, and other drivers’ hours information including what time their next shift can start.

Sam Varrall – FTA Tachograph product owner said: “FTA is delighted to announce Driverfta which gives drivers a complete overview of working times, drivers’ hours and any infringements incurred. This enables them to take responsibility of their own hours, assisting them in planning their day more accurately and ensuring they keep within the legal limits. We have listened to the needs our members and after long discussions have worked with them to develop innovative software to save time, money and improve compliance.”

fta appFollowing the launch of Visionfta last year, FTA has continued to work with its members and developed innovative software to keep their drivers informed and on the move providing them with a complete overview of working times, drivers’ hours and infringements. Drivers will also be able to view the work history screen which initially shows the last two weeks of information received by FTA including digital, analogue and data manually added to Visionfta such as holidays and sickness, as well as highlighting vehicles used and any infringements incurred.

The App can be downloaded by going to: Google Play  or the App Store

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