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Robotics & Innovation is the essential guide to the rapidly developing technologies that are set to change the logistics world.

What is the real cost of a robot?
The cost of the technology is coming down, but has it reached the point where you can get an acceptable return on investment?

Top 10: innovations coming your way
The use of robotics and artificial intelligence now pervade various areas of our daily lives – cars can park themselves, floors can be cleaned with the touch of button and warehouses have fleets of robot staff.

Blockchain: a fad or the future?
Blockchain is the word on everyone’s lips – but is it worth the fuss?

When did we get so clever?
Artificial intelligence is often seen as a concept for the future, but it’s already advancing in our present.

Get set for the autonomous vehicle revolution
A global race is on for the first country to have self-driving vehicles on its roads and Britain is vying to be the victor, with promises of driverless cars by 2021. Autonomous delivery vehicles will naturally follow suit, but how soon will this move into real-life logistics operations and what does the sector need to be doing now to prepare?

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