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How do you get the most from your distribution centre? Automated processes can reap rewards for those prepared to invest both the cash and, perhaps more importantly, the time required to fully understand the dynamics of the business. Latest research indic

Committing to a warehouse automation project requires complete confidence in the forward strategy of the company, a full understanding of present and future supply chain requirements, a detailed knowledge of the product profiles being handled and importan

Procter & Gamble has opened its Northern Service Centre incorporating a Swisslog automated pallet warehouse solution.

Recent high profile hiccoughs at one or two automated warehouses caused some to think again about how far they wanted to rely on technology. But the potentialbenefits are often too great to ignore and suppliers are increasingly busy.

To provide the most cost-effective storage solution for the customer, Linpac designed three-pallet wide bays for both the automated and wide aisle racking. The bays accommodate product on Euro pallets which are 200mm narrower than conventional pallets.

The Transnorm Group, the unit load conveying technology provider, has been bought from Swisslog by a management buyout team led by Detlef Walter, chief executive officer of Transnorm Germany. Together with Nord Holding based in Hanover,

Order picking processes lie at the very heart of the distribution operation. Defining the right parameters and applying the correct technology can make all the difference between commercial success and failure. Make sure you’re a winner.