Paragon system to avoid traffic hot spots

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Paragon has launched a system to guide lorry drivers around traffic, events and HGV-restricted areas.

The Route Control system uses pre-set rules to route HGVs clear of major public events and to ensure roads with lorry bans are avoided.

The software will enable the majority of drivers to “check their sat nav and look for the fastest alternative route.”

Paragon’s managing director, William Salter, said “Computer software plays a big part in planning the best possible route for each vehicle. However, transport planners spend considerable time amending plans to accommodate conditions that can delay or even prevent a journey. If a driver doesn’t follow the planned route, then further time needs to be spent working out whether those deviations were legitimate or not.”

The system can identify spots where big crowds will be located, for example, Notting Hill Carnival or popular sporting events. As well as this, the software is able to recognise “local hot spots,” like schools at drop-off times.

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