Recruiter sacked for rejecting British driver

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Recruitment agency Blu Global has fired one of its freelance consultants after she told delivery driver Michael Fowler that he did not qualify for the job he had applied for because he was British.

After the story was picked up by the national press, Wolverhampton-based Blu Global issued a statement saying: “Blu Global’s policy is to not discriminate against any potential candidate that uses our services to find employment, and we refute any allegations that we, as a business, discriminate in any way against our UK based applicants.

“We want to ensure that there is no ambiguity regarding any future candidate rejections; we wish to make it totally clear that if someone is not accepted for a position it will be because they do not have the desired skills or experience, the relevant qualifications or that they may live too far away from the location of work, as some clients have stipulations on how far their workers travel to the work depot: this is particularly relevant to HGV drivers.

“Any deviation from this policy, by any member of staff or any independent person/organisation acting under or using the Blu Global brand, is not supported in any way by the company and will be fully investigated. The independent freelance consultant has had her contract for service terminated with us immediately after the events.”

The Road Haulage Association tweeted: “At a time when the haulage industry is facing a massive driver shortage this is appalling news. But hats off to @MichaelFowler who, undeterred by his treatment has now, according to @BBCNews, found a job with another haulier.

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