RHA welcomes funding for Trailblazer apprenticeship

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The RHA has welcomed a new funding package by the Department for Education for Trailblazer apprenticeships from April next year.

“I am delighted at today’s announcement. This can be a real game-changer in the way haulage firms recruit and train drivers and others coming into the industry,” said Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive. “It has the potential is to drive up standards in the industry and to reduce our reliance on drivers and others from abroad. It will benefit the UK economy, companies that take on apprentices and the individuals themselves, through increased training and transferable skills.

“It has been a lengthy and challenging process but there are opportunities that the industry has never had before – not only for large firms in England but for smaller operators and owner–drivers who may want to bring a son or daughter into the business.

“The RHA will be working hard to bring these opportunities alive for our members. However, we are fully aware that similar reform is needed in the other parts of the UK and we will be working with the devolved governments to ensure that attractive apprenticeship support is delivered.”

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