Stockpiling: vote of confidence for Brexit?

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With Brexit right on our doorsteps many people, including retailers, have turned to stockpiling ahead of March 29 due to concerns that time-critical supplies could be left to go bad on vehicles that get stuck at customs as port delays become an all too real threat.

Manufacturer Emergency Food Storage has even gone as far as selling its own Brexit box for £295. It is said to have “a variety of the ‘Fuel Your Preparation’ freeze dried food range of delicious meals and a water filter to kick start your Brexit stockpiling”. The contents include tinned macaroni cheese, pasta bolognaise, beef and potato stew and packets of freeze-dried food, plus a water filter and fire starter – should you need them.

Maria Highland, reporter.

Retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencer have also admitted that they are stockpiling food ahead of Brexit, bulking up on foods with a longer life span on the principle that stockpiling fresh food in the event of Brexit is a no-go.

Supply chain and logistics consultancy company SCALA managing director John Perry warns that stockpiling is only a short- term solution and complete reviews of the supply chain are needed.

“This comes as little surprise to us, as our recent survey of Grocery and FMCG decision-makers found that 61% are already stockpiling raw materials and/or finished goods. Others are reviewing their levels and sourcing, with plans to build stocks ahead of the 19th March deadline. Some were also already working on the basis of a no-deal Brexit being the most likely outcome, even before the government released its guidelines on the issue,” explained Perry.

“While stockpiling is one way to alleviate the short-term effects of a no-deal situation, it is a decision that must not be taken lightly, given the significant increased costs and storage space requirements to consider. Stockpiling is a short-term solution and not the complete answer to a no-deal Brexit. Businesses should take this opportunity to review their supply chains to ensure they are as healthy as possible, as there is still time to identify any major risk areas and implement risk-reduction strategies.”

In the meantime, you can buy your own Brexit box here:

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