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Winner: GlaxoSmithKline

Borealis and Henkel both presented traditional, practical organisations. Borealis, based in Mechelen, Belgium, is a manufacturer and distributor of polyolefins (the monomer being manufactured by another business unit) and a market leader.

In pursuit of excellence

For the finalists of the eighth year of the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards, gathered at The Dorchester Hotel on the evening of the 18th November, there could have been few surprises that the overall winner’s trophy went to Dell.

Winner: NHS Logistics Authority (2)

The new Award for Team of the Year requires a little explanation. The judges were not primarily looking for evidence of group hugs around the water cooler, valuable though such techniques may be.

Sleeping with the enemy

If supply chain industry players can’t find ways of working together politicians will impose less optimal ‘solutions’

Make it simple

Did you know that 44 per cent of IBM’s market capitalisation is driven by the supply chain? Increased product complexity, IT outsourcing and falling prices are putting increasing pressure on the vital area of high-tech logistics.

Winner: Dell

The judging for ‘overall winner’ is not quite as straightforward as might appear. Although by definition the ‘number one’ will be one of the sectoral category winners, the judges like to nominate a Second and Third, and because of the differences in perfo

Route map to the promised land

The prophets were wrong. e-procurement (or e-anything) doesn’t change behaviour and success depends not so much on technical excellence as on changing organisational cultures by demonstrating tangible benefits.

Winner: Dell (2)

In recent years the Hi-tech sector has tended to set the standard. This season saw five very different finalists on the shortlist – Chloride Power (jointly with CPG Logistics), Dell, Rockwell Automation, Swisscom Mobile and Computacenter (both the latter

Winner: Rexam Beverage Can Europe (2)

From the shortlist three organisations were recommended by the assessors for consideration in the Sourcing and e-Procurement category: Lafarge Nida, Rexam, and NHS Logistics Authority, while the judges also opted to consider Ducati – interestingly, three

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