Support for Northern shipping grows

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Peel Ports has hit its target of 200 advocates for a campaign to push more shipping lines to use the Port of Liverpool.

Supporters represent 1.5 million TEU of UK trade, and includes international manufacturers and retailers.

The campaign started in 2015, when Peel Ports called for importers and exporters whose goods start or end in the north of the UK to switch the movement of ocean freight from the south-east to Liverpool.

“We set out two years ago with an ambitious aim of recruiting 200 advocates for direct deep-sea services via Liverpool,” said Patrick Walters, Peel Ports’ COO. “Logistics providers and cargo owners want to reduce costs, congestion and carbon emissions in their supply chains, and their support for us underlines the benefits offered by our new Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal.

“The 1.5m TEU managed by these companies is a huge attraction for whichever shipping lines are the first to move.”

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