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Blockchain needs to be part of your plans

Blockchain is still more talked about than actually used in practice, but momentum is growing as more and more organisations take up the technology.

Maersk and IBM launch blockchain company

Maersk is joining forces with IBM to launch a company to use blockchain technology to offer a global trade digitisation platform built on open standards and designed for use by the entire global shipping ecosystem.

AI set to create more jobs than it destroys

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates by 2020, according to Gartner. It calculates that AI will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 million.

Unilever and Sainsbury’s in blockchain trial

Unilever and Sainsbury’s are to take part in a trial to test whether blockchain technology can help unlock financial incentives that improve transparency and sustainability in supply chains.

New blockchain solution for pharmaceutical supply chain

SophiaTX and parent company Equidato Technologies have joined forces with KITA Logistics to design and develop a blockchain solution for pharmaceutical logistics and transport. The partnership intend to facilitate a holistic ‘track and trace’ solution for the transportations of products and medicines, that enables multi-party collaboration across value chains.

Blockchain trial highlights supply chain benefits

The logistics industry could see improved connectivity, efficiency and security thanks to blockchain, according to Marine Transport International, which has just completed a pilot programme on the technology.