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A new lease of life

Used forklift trucks are making their mark on the market, but can they match the quality of new equipment? Alex Leonards explores why companies are choosing refurbished trucks and the considerations needed to be made when buying.

A vital cog in the wheel

Is packaging keeping up with the rest of the logistics process when it comes to technology? Alexandra Leonards explores the new technologies arriving in the market, and examines some of the biggest challenges being faced by packaging companies.

Out with the old…

The narrow aisle truck market is developing day-by-day, conjuring up new technologies to maximise performance. Alexandra Leonards explores some of the new technologies in the market.

Lost in the city

With growing congestion, high emissions and over-population, cities are a particularly difficult space for the logistics industry to navigate. Alexandra Leonards explores some of the strategies being implemented to help logistics find its way…

Pushed to the limit

The ever-changing retail market is pushing packaging to its limits. Alexandra Leonards explores the peaks and troughs of package design for omni-channel.

Time to talk

In an ever more globalised world, the often turbulent relationship between supplier and customer has never been more important. Alex Leonards explores the barriers to achieving the perfect supplier-customer partnership and the new role of supplier relationship management.

Sizing down

Online shopping has changed the warehouse needs of the customer. As a crucial part of the warehouse, the loading bay needs to keep up, says Alexandra Leonards.

Tilt the balance

Will retail and logistics create the equilibrium needed to master the returns process? Alexandra Leonards investigates…

Driving better systems

Customer expectations, the driver shortage and compliance are all having a big impact on how fleet management systems are designed and why they are implemented. Alexandra Leonards takes an in depth look at how the market is changing.

Today we’re all personal shoppers

From the meticulous handling of goods, to snowballing throughput in the warehouse, home delivery is transforming the culture of order picking. Alex Leonards reports …