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The Chinese trucks with a European flavour

There is a new player in the European materials handling market. Lisa Townshend travels to China to see what makes the technology behind BYD a game changer for forklifts.

Picking at the speed of light (or sound)

In all sectors of industry and commerce, the need to ship orders quickly and accurately has seen a rise in companies looking at ways to improve their order picking processes for efficiency and speed. Lisa Townshend reports.

Head in the cloud?

Choosing the right WMS is a complex task, the system has to be appropriate for the particular operation, and then there are decisions to be made on whether to go down the SaaS route. Lisa Townshend considers the options.

When the going gets tough…

A tyre blowout is never good. But, imagine your blowout is due to your truck being shot at in enemy territory while vital chilled medicines are slowly warming in the trailer. Welcome to the world of extreme logistics. Lisa Townshend reports.

Time to look again at RFID

RFID technology has not taken off in the way many expected just a few years ago, but the cost is coming down, and the potential to couple it with other technologies means that new opportunities are opening up. Lisa Townshend reports.

SME Special: The right equipment at the right price

When it comes to choosing materials handling equipment for your business, size really doesn’t matter. The same considerations need to be made whether you have one pallet truck or a fleet of reach trucks and forklifts. Lisa Townshend looks at the issues.

Rail: Staying on track

Everyone wants to see more freight moved by rail, but there are big challenges involved with achieving that – notably the creation of more capacity on the rail network. The recent Rail Logistics conference was the perfect setting to discuss the issues facing rail freight today. Lisa Townshend reports…

A slimming world

The increasing importance of space utilisation in UK warehousing is seeing an increase in interest in the narrow aisle vehicle. Lisa Townshend reports.

Where the warehouse meets the outside world

The loading bay is a vital area in the operational processes of the warehouse. Constantly in use, the flow of goods from truck to storage and back again, needs to be seamless and safe. Lisa Townshend examines the challenges.

Order picking: Coping with complexity

Order picking for an omni-channel operation adds a whole new level of complexity to the process with the need to pick in quantities for store deliveries as well as picking individual items for home delivery. Lisa Townshend investigates the options.