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People tracking: the next innovation

There was a time when it was considered cutting edge for a parcels company to be able to track the parcels going through its network. That’s taken for granted now, and in future it seems, the really important thing will be to track the recipients.

Are robots really ready to take over?

Logistics operations have seen a steady growth in the use of automation, and we are starting to see robots becoming available. But, asks Malory Davies, how long will it be before they make a real impact?

Inventory innovation

Inventory management and optimisation is once of the most challenging tasks facing supply chain professionals. So what does it take to get it right? Malory Davies asks the questions.

Home deliveries blamed for slower traffic speeds

Average speeds on local A roads in England are now some three per cent slower than a year ago – and some commentators are now blaming the growth of home deliveries for the slowdown, writes Malory Davies.

The customer that reckons it can do logistics better

Is this the year that will see a major shake up the logistics market? Ocado shares jumped by a fifth in a day last month after rumours started circulating in The City that Amazon was interested in buying the business, as part of plan to launch a full grocery delivery service in the UK.

Are you picking the right strategy?

Retailers and their suppliers face some hard choices as they attempt to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours, and no-where is the impact more apparent than at the pick-face. Malory Davies explores the issues.

Predictions for 2016

What does the new year hold for supply chain and logistics professionals? Here are my top five predictions:

Congratulations to all our Award Winners

Not so long ago it seemed that the twin developments of online retail and e-books spelled the end for traditional book retailers. But Waterstones has responded to these challenges by strengthening not only its customer experience, but also by working with its logistics partner UTL to strengthen its supply chain. No wonder it has become […]

Better enforcement will benefit the whole industry

A new London Freight Enforcement Partnership was officially launched last month to tackle unsafe HGVs, and take any non-compliant and unsafe commercial vehicles, drivers and operators off London’s streets.

Tell MPs about the skills shortage

The decision by the House of Commons Transport Committee to launch an inquiry into the skills shortage in road haulage has not come a moment too soon.