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The shortlist for the 20th Anniversary Supply Chain Excellence Awards has been unveiled – and it highlights the outstanding work that has been done by supply chain professionals over the past year.

Time to buy an online retailer?

The word “relentless” might have been invented to describe the pace of change in online retail – and it clear that many retailers still have some way to go in integrating their online and physical stores to maximise potential sales. The latest move has come from Walmart with a deal to buy US online retailer […]

Attracting talent: must try harder

Seven out of ten parents don’t want their kids to be truckers – at least that’s what a Freight Transport Association found in a Twitter poll.

How big is the threat from Uber-style deliveries?

The idea of Uber-style delivery services has been around for a couple of years now – and only a couple of months ago we reported Walmart’s plans to trial such services in the United States.

What we need is more Black Fridays

Amazon sold more than two million toys and one million pairs of shoes around the world on Prime Day 2016. Prime Day was launched in 2015 when Prime members bought more than 14 million items worldwide.