Wednesday 27th May 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Peak practice

Convenience outweighs price for online shopping. Some might find that hard to believe, but that’s the clear message from a survey into consumer preferences.

Facing up to the cyber threat

Just last month, Yahoo revealed that 500 million accounts had been compromised in a massive data breach. Last year, 157,000 Talk Talk customers had their personal details hacked in a cyber attack on the company.

Could Uber boost sustainability in the parcels market?

The idea of Uber-style services for the delivery of parcels is starting to gain some traction. Amazon has its Flex service, while Walmart is testing deliveries with a number of different services including Uber itself. But what about the environmental impact?

Faster fashion puts new pressure on supply chains

I can remember an audience of supply chain professionals left agog a few years ago, as they listened to Spanish academic José Luis Nueno explain how Zara can see an outfit on the catwalk in Paris – and have a version of it on the shelves of its stores 24 hours later.

Challenging future for food supply chains

Anyone watching the rapid rise of the discount retailers in the grocery market could be forgiven for thinking that price is the overriding factor for consumers. However, a new report for the Fairtrade Foundation challenges that, arguing that government and business must do more to make the food supply chain “fair”.

Time to take a risk?

Global supply chain risk has hit a high driven by uncertainty over the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, according to the CIPS Risk Index.