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Most logistics operators expect to grow

Three quarters of logistics companies expect their business to grow next year, according to a survey of 370 freight and logistics operators by the Freight Transport Association in partnership with Santander.

Government to freeze fuel duty

The government has decided to freeze fuel duty, prime minister Theresa May told delegates to the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday.

Lack of Brexit negotiations progress is concerning, says FTA

The Freight Transport Association is concerned by the lack of progress in Brexit negotiations and the threat of a no deal, so it is urging UK and EU-27 leaders to prioritise urgent and co-ordinated mitigation measures for industries that will struggle to function without agreements, like air freight and international haulage.

Government migrant plan angers FTA

Freight Transport Association has reacted angrily to a report by the government’s Migration Advisory Committee saying it fails to recognises the vital importance of lower-skilled migrants to the UK economy.

FTA commits to carbon reduction with government  

The Freight Transport Association has agreed to support the government’s short-term target of reducing carbon emissions from HGVs by 15 per cent by 2025 against 2015 figures by adopting the target into its existing Logistics Emission Reduction Scheme and adding to its initial target of 7 per cent.

FTA against migrant smuggling

The Freight Transport Association has spoken out against UK-bound truck drivers participating in migrant smuggling across the Channel and accepting payment of £2000 for each migrant smuggled despite facing the same figure should they be caught.

FTA warns that more clean air zones threaten SMEs

Plans for clean air zones in Leeds and Birmingham demonstrate steps being taken to manage the impacts on business in the cities, but schemes will still produce substantial costs for small businesses, says the FTA.

Logistics industry needs the tools to keep Britain trading

The FTA has stressed that the logistics industry needs “a clear road map” with crucial information to keep trade moving efficiently post-Brexit, or the UK will face delays and shortages of the products and services it relies on.