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Micro-bots to cut road disruption

The government plans to invest £26.6 million to build micro robots to repair the UK’s underground pipe network and prevent disruption of roadworks in the future.

Government must help industry cut emissions

The government must do more to help freight operators reduce their carbon emissions, the Freight Transport Association said in response to a National Infrastructure Commission report.

Government is listening to logistics sector, says FTA

The Freight Transport Authority has backed the government’s Aviation Strategy Consultation which details its long-term vision for aviation to 2050, saying it shows that the government is listening to the logistics sector and recognising the importance of air cargo to the UK economy.

FTA repeats call to back Brexit deal

The Freight Transport Association has repeated its call to MPs to back the Brexit withdrawal agreement when is comes to the vote on 11th December, arguing that a no-deal Brexit would lead to drastic restrictions on road haulage, as well as new customs declarations, duty payments, conformity checks and other inspections at the EU border.

Top priorities for hauliers post-Brexit

FTA in favour of the withdrawal agreement  

Freight Transport Association has called for MPs to vote in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement in order to delivering the frictionless trade that the logistics sector was promised and Britain trading post-Brexit.

Cannot check workers’ rights without a system, says FTA

The Freight Transport Association has pointed out that there is no system in place that ensures that checks are carried out to check the right of work of EU national employees and that this therefore falls into the hands of the industry to avoid prosecution and removal of illegal workers.

The Budget: more needs to be done for transport

The Road Haulage Association has welcomed Philip Hammond’s announcement in his Budget that he intends to allocate £30 billion for motorways and other major road improvements, including £420 million for fixing potholes to be made available immediately.