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Time to collaborate with the competition?

The need to develop sustainable distribution systems is driving new interest in collaboration, but companies still need to learn that logistics need not be a competitive issue, argues DEAN WYATT

Addressing the last link in the chain

The adoption of a sound strategy at the port-to-destination leg of the supply chain can have a direct impact on the amount and position of inventory, accuracy of forecasting, availability of product at DC, store or manufacturing line, and ultimately the

The challenge of change

Supply chain management is at one of those once-in-decade crossroads when it is time to make significant changes to accepted practices in order to maintain efficiency and profitability. NIGEL GALLIER looks at some of the challenges ahead.

Taking the trial out of pharmaceutical testing

Bringing new drugs to market is a very expensive business: typically it can cost over €500 million and - given time limitations on patents - the pharmaceuticals company then has just 5-10 years or so to recoup its investment and make a profit for most the

Creative outsourcing

When it comes to strategic outsourcing, cost and service benefits can be taken for granted - the key factor to look for, argues NICK CULLEN, is innovation.

Putting collaboration centre stage

With transport costs rising and green issues increasingly on the agenda. The FMCG sector needs to adopt a more collaborative approach to solving the sector's distribution challenges, says Hugh Basham

Developing a partnership approach

Ensuring that an organisation’s supply chain supports the delivery of its business strategies, whilst maximising shareholder value and financial returns, has always been a challenge. However, given today’s increasingly global, complex and fragmented suppl

New Challenges for Hi-Tech Supply Chains

The hi-tech industry is in a state of flux: gone are the days when companies managed their own R & D, production and marketing. Today, many outsource some of these tasks with an emphasis on mass customisation and bespoke promotional initiatives. This pres

Part and parcel

Having the right service parts available when customers need them is now critical in maintaining brand image, loyalty and service level agreements. Jasper van der Wulp argues that global operations and just-in-time manufacturing trends are putting an em

The Cross-Border Implications of WEEE

Many businesses preparing for the implementation of WEEE have overlooked the important role – and potentially significant cost – logistics could play in bringing the new legislation into force, explains Paul James