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Tesco and Carrefour form alliance

Food retailers Tesco and Carrefour are to enter into a long-term strategic alliance which covers the strategic relationship with suppliers, joint purchasing of own brand products and goods not for resale via a three-year operational framework to improve competitiveness.

More retailers join green supply chain initiative

Retailers Tesco, Target and CVS Health have joined Walmart in collecting data from suppliers to reduce environmental risk and cut carbon emissions in the supply chain, according to latest figures from CDP, the climate research group.

Tesco reduces manual handling incidents by 60pc

Tesco to reduce food waste

Tesco is to remove ‘Best Before’ consumption guidance dates off almost 70 fruit and vegetable products to avoid perfectly edible food being thrown away.

Coop gets go-ahead for Nisa takeover

The Competition and Markets Authority has approved the Co-op’s takeover of Nisa Retail, saying it does not give rise to competition concerns. The deal is expected to be completed by 8th May.

Tesco reduces manual handling incidents by 60pc

Tesco saves £104m in logistics

Tesco has made savings of £104 million in its logistics and distribution operations as part of its plan to cut operating costs by £1.5 billion by 2019-20.

Eddie Stobart wins Tesco contract renewal

Eddie Stobart branding under review

Eddie Stobart Logistics is considering the possibility of a name change when its licence with Stobart Group runs out in February 2020, chief executive Alex Laffey has confirmed as the company unveiled its results for last year.