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Tesco cuts out plastic bags

Tesco will no longer be using carrier bags to deliver groceries from its online business, cutting out nearly 2,000 tonnes of plastic out of production annually.

10pc wage increase of Tesco workers

Tesco store and customer fulfilment centre warehouse workers are to receive at 10.45 per cent hourly rate increase to £9.30 by October 2020.

Tesco saves £112m on logistics

Tesco has made savings of £112 million in logistics and distribution since the first half of 2016-17, it has revealed in its results for the year to 23rd February.

Tesco to remove plastic from fruit and veg

Tesco is to trial the removal of a selection of plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables in favour of loose alternatives where available from its Watford and Swindon stores as part of its shift toward sustainable packaging.

Tesco’s business plans will impact 9,000 jobs

Tesco is to introduce a series of changes across its stores as it aims to “further simplify” the business which will include the closure of counters in 90 stores, a move to self-serve hot food in colleague kitchens, less layout changes and a simpler way of managing stock, impacting an estimated 9,000 jobs.

Christmas sales growth for Tesco

Like-for-like sales in the UK grew by 1.2 per cent in 19-week period to 5 January 2019 whilst Booker grew by 9.6 per cent.