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Walmart unveils global sourcing strategy

Retail giant Walmart has unveiled a new global sourcing strategy designed to reduce costs of goods, accelerate speed to market, and improve the quality of products.

Technology is booming in the North

Logistics Link North returns to Harrogate on 19th September bigger than ever and with a strong focus on the IT sector.

Buying into Sustainable Global Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming more extended and complex as retailers move to sourcing goods on a global basis. Motivated by lower manufacturing costs, retailers and distributors are now confronted by greater complexity in managing the flow of goods to market

The green mile

Local sourcing is a relatively new challenge to the supply chains of retailers in the UK, but one which looks set to grow in significance.

Supplying the answer

Pressure is mounting in the UK for an inquiry into the alleged monopolistic practices of supermarkets. A valid supply chain response must be considered. By Sam Tulip

Solving the stockouts

Retail supply chain systems are becoming more integrated, more extensive and more complex – but are they helping to keep the shelves filled?

Dragging the warehouse into the 21st Century

Any new investment in technology now has to deliver a quicker return in investment than during the boom years of the 1990s. Corporate IT spending appears to be staging a recovery but for many retailers and logistics companies budgets are still tight.

Turning point

While car industry chiefs usually highlight labour costs and productivity as the main drivers of change, the supply chain holds the potential for some big wins — and ones that are perhaps more immediately realisable.