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Walmart pays drivers $87,500 a year

Walmart says it is now paying its US truck drivers an average of $87,500 (£67,700) a year, after increasing pay rates at the beginning of February.

Walmart tests last-mile delivery service

Walmart has launched a new last-mile delivery pilot – Spark Delivery – a crowd-sourced delivery platform that provides independent drivers with the ability to sign up for windows of time that work best for their schedule.

More retailers join green supply chain initiative

Retailers Tesco, Target and CVS Health have joined Walmart in collecting data from suppliers to reduce environmental risk and cut carbon emissions in the supply chain, according to latest figures from CDP, the climate research group.

Roger Burnley takes top job at Asda

Roger Burnley has been appointed president and chief executive of Asda – starting from 1 January 2018. Burnley has a strong background in retail supply chain, having had a number of key roles in the field.

A proliferation of peaks

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming on the horizon is the proliferation of online bumper bargain days playing havoc with the usual approach to “peak planning”?